Understand your ropes and fetish tie ups with this experience and expertise

Understand your ropes and fetish tie ups with this experience and expertise

We stock an extensive number of quality bondage gear to help you to play difficult and play safe while living out your wildest dreams. Our bondage rope and restraints are available many shapes that are different sizes and materials to accommodate every purpose – if you’re brand brand new to bondage play, right here’s what you ought to understand prior to making your selection of discipline:


Ropes and restraints are offered in a wide range of various materials, including nylon, silicone, silk, satin and leather. Each has a feel that is different texture against the skin; materials like silk and satin are smooth and soft to touch, while nylon and leather-based are rougher and coarser.

Look for a material you interact with and relish the feel of, whether or not it is the ability and ruggedness of the rigid, thick product or even the delicate, feathery touch of silk.


Typical bondage rope lengths consist of 3 metres, 5 metres and 10 metres to match various kinds of ties. Then shorter lengths are the perfect choice if you’re mainly using rope to restrain hands and feet, or tie your partner to the corners of your bed. Longer lengths were created to get more intricate ties such as rope corsets, or even for usage on taller or bigger figures.

If you’re unsure concerning the right length for your bondage play, it is smart to focus on a smaller period of rope and join more ropes to lengthen it since you need.


Most bondage restraints and ropes are between Вј to ВЅ inches (or 6 to 8mm) dense. Its diameter should determine exactly exactly how strong it really is, its capability to hold knots that are different loads, as well as its place width.

Slimmer ropes enable you to connect up more areas that are delicate as genitals and minds, while thicker, weightier ropes were created for several kinds of more hard-core bondage play. Continue reading