UK Horse Racing Levy Reforms Clear Final Hurdle

UK Horse Racing Levy Reforms Clear Final Hurdle

Uk horse race has received a lift from the European Commission, which on Friday gave full approval on the UK government’s reforms associated with the sport’s central funding system.

British sports minister Tracey Crouch believes the levy that is new ensure gambling reforms pay a fair return to guide horse race, but the bookies argue they currently support it through sponsorship deals.

All bookmakers will be required to pay a ten percent levy on all gross profits derived from betting on British horse racing above a $500,000 ($640,000) threshold under the new system.

Under the previous system, which has been doing existence since 1961, only betting businesses based in the UK had been required to contribute to funding, however now the levy will apply to all companies that offer wagers on British racing, including including on- and off-course bookmakers, betting exchanges and spread betting companies.

The majority that is vast of websites, also those owned by British household-name brands like Ladbrokes and William Hill, are based overseas.

‘This move will assist secure the future of horse racing in Britain by making sure that gambling businesses pay a return that is fair support the activity,’ said sports minister Tracey Crouch, whose department is behind the reforms.

‘Horse racing includes a strong history in this country, employing tens of thousands of individuals and is enjoyed by many virtually every day of the entire year. Continue reading

New Cambodian Casino Ignites ‘Border War’ With Thailand

 New Cambodian Casino Ignites ‘Border War’ With Thailand

A new Cambodian casino on the border with Thailand has provoked a bizarre border stand-off between your two countries.

A shot associated with casino that is new before its opening on April 7. It probably still appears lot similar to this, mind you, since both Thais and Cambodians are barred from visiting it.

The Saitaku Resort and Casino, which opened several weeks ago at the Chong Sai Taku temporary border crossing in Cambodia’s Ban Kruat district, was relying on attracting all of its footfall from across the border in Thailand since it’s illegal for the residents of both countries to gamble in casinos.

This seemed like an audio company plan, until Thai authorities, on the night of the casino’s soft opening on April 7, banned their citizens from crossing the checkpoint to go to it.

Therefore, we have beautiful new casino that no one, or at least no one born within hundreds of miles of it, can actually visit.

In retaliation this week, Cambodian authorities banned its very own citizens from crossing the border to visit Thailand.

This stalemate is damaging the business for local tradesmen on both sides whom depend on cross-border activity because of their livelihoods. Santi Uthumporn, mayor of the tambon Chanthop Phet Municipality in Ban Kruat district, told the Bankok Post that trade had plunged from a few million baht a to almost zero week.

Thailand Coup a Boon for Cambodia Casinos

Thailand’s coup of 2014, which topple Continue reading

NFL Gambling Policy Clear, but Misunderstood by Public

NFL Gambling Policy Clear, but Misunderstood by Public

Experts have actually called the NFL the ‘No Fun League,’ however the organization’s policy on gambling isn’t as restrictive to players as folks are led to think.

The NFL policy on gambling allows players to gamble in casinos, but not to ever utilize their names for promotional appearances such as this arm wrestling competition at the MGM in vegas.

The assumption is that the competitor can not enjoy a session wagering on craps, blackjack, craps, roulette, video slot and poker devices. For as long as they take their very own time, they could enjoy that activity like any other citizen. They are also allowed to place money straight down on a horse or dog competition. Sports betting, however, remains off limits.

The problem arises when the professional has a relationship with those facilities and exploits his celebrity. The argument that it is their own time and they should be allowed to do what they want, but the NFL has made the distinction very clear in several cases and vigorously enforces the regulation from them is.

Promoting Players Prohibited

The league forbids players using their name to publicize any form of association by having a casino. The concern is that it blurs the line between recreations gambling and football.

The present appearance by more than 30 of them at a ‘Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship’ at the MGM Grand over the weekend was at violation of the NFL’s guidelines.

The big event was co-host Continue reading