I see it is difficult to think you yet is unwilling to even discuss getting help

I see it is difficult to think you yet is unwilling to even discuss getting help

I have been with my man for 10 years and I still fancy the pants off h that she loves. Certain intercourse isnt enjoy it was at the beginning but an average of twice per week with a lot of handholding/cusdles etc. I believe it keeps the partnership near if you should be intimatem. Has she stated she isnt interested in you any longer?? Intercourse monthly appears a time that is long me. You state its been that way for 7 years. Bloody hell.

As a lady, sometimes life/chores/children do block the way with sex life (my experience) but we believe it is therefore sad that you will be getting no affection that is physical her.

You seem lonely op.

Welcome to my globe, if an individual of you needs closeness plus the other does it not’s a real problem. You ought to treat it prior to the void gets too large plus it becomes impossible. When it isn’t addressable you’ll want to earn some big choices.

Ps as soon as a would be a luxury, i’m lucky with a couple of times a year month

She possibly prevents real contact into thinking you are going to have sex because she is worried it might lead you.

What about suggesting you may like to have cuddle in or offer one another straight back massage however with an understanding that it’s much less a lead as much as intercourse.

Then it might open the way for her to be more physically affectionate if you take the pressure off.

Thank you for most of the advice and terms of support

Struggling 100 – She does state she’s exhausted great deal, but she has lots of help childcare smart from me personally and both sets of grand-parents. And she constantly has got the power to venture out with her buddies socialising till the first hours to ensure will be a bad reason on her behalf. Continue reading