5 Reasons This guy is frightened up to now Haitian Females

5 Reasons This guy is frightened up to now Haitian Females

Comedian Josh Pray simply told their Facebook fans why he could be frightened up to now Haitian ladies. You can view the movie above, but first, let me make it clear a small bit about him.

Josh is really a comedian from Naples, Florida. He started to explore ways to entertain people when he went off to college at Florida Memorial University in Miami FL. He started off in music but still relish it but their genuine passion is comedy.

Here you will find the 5 reasons Josh Pray is frightened up to now a Haitian woman:
(in addition, they are jokes in Josh’s “why I’m scared up to now” series)

1- women that are haitian to each and every Carimi concert
you’ll get a get a get a get a cross that out Josh; Carimi called it quit early in the day this current year. Josh described the Carimi dudes as a lot of lightskin brothers that look way a lot better than you. Their tracks are 20 moments very very very long and you also will be at a Carimi concert for 18 hours a(exactly what? evening)

Fan Reply: “And you’re right about carimi regrettably they have been no more a band unfortunate unfortunate time in a girl’s life that is haitian. .. hilarious”

2- Haitian women feed you Haitian meals everyday
He stated Haitian meals could be the greatest undiscovered meals within the planet, but you’ll have actually a coronary attack by consuming Haitian meals. But die that is you’ll, ” he stated.

Fan Reply: “But you don’t not have to worry about planning to a drive thru screen, they’ll keep you fed even if they have been pissed at you”

3- mothers that are haitian too rough
“I don’t as if you. you will be Frekan. Once they learn you’re maybe not Haitian and also you don’t talk creole – oh they’re gonna really place it straight down. We can’t cope with you mama.”

4- Haitian females have actually way too many uncles
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