42+ Mae West Quotes and Sayings. Mae West and Guys

42+ Mae West Quotes and Sayings. Mae West and Guys

“Is that gun in your pocket or have you been simply pleased to see me? ” Did Mae West actually state this line? Find out about this renowned display star and her famous wit.

Mae western, created Mary Jane western in 1893, had been a vaudeville and Broadway feeling recognized on her phase functions saturated in intimate innuendo. Film audiences when you look at the 1920s and 30s came to learn and love her risque design, though censors dogged her throughout her job.

She starred with a few associated with the top leading males for the time including Cary give and W.C. Areas. Her films showcased a few of the most one-liners that are famous heard today. Here are quotes which have been caused by skip western or among the figures she portrayed in the big screen.

Mae West and Men

Intercourse and guys had been the topics that made her famous. They even delivered her to prison for 6 times whenever she had been faced with obscenity and corrupting the morals of youth through her certainly one of her performs. That didn’t stop her nor made it happen curtail her passion for males since the quotes below show.

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